Skincare tips for men

Sun exposure, pollution, and stress are major causes of skin issues in both men and women. However, men commonly ignore the skin issues and diseases. Dermatological treatment is also expensive and time-consuming. So, it is important to prevent theses disease rather than going for the cure. Below are simple and easy tips that men can use daily to take care of their skin:

1. Skin care for pimples

Acne and pimples are the common signs of puberty and are also the result of exposure to the sun, and environmental pollution. Many men don’t pay any attention to acne, and it gets worse over time. The simple remedy to prevent acne and pimples is to wash your face regularly and apply good moisture. You can also make homemade masks and apply on your face regularly rather than buying costly face serums.

2. Good face wash

Cleansing is mandatory to prevent dead skin cell on your face. Buy a good face wash with glycolic acid and use it both in the morning and evening. You can also use exfoliation scrub once a week to stimulate new cell growth. Don’t overuse scrub because it may cause irritation on your skin.

3. Shave cream and after shave balm

You should gently apply shave cream and beard oil for a comfortable shave. Do not forget to apply after shave balm to moisturize your skin rather aftershave splash. Use moisture rich balm that also contains Vitamin E.

4. Eye cream

There is nothing wrong in applying eye cream. Apply eye cream to slow down the aging processes. Apply hydrating eye cream to prevent dark circles and aging creams.

5. Apply toner

Use of toner would help you to cleanse any dead skin cells or residue. It would also contribute to nourishing your skin and prevent facial oil that causes acne.

6. Apply overnight serum

The serum is necessary to reduce the side effects of sun exposure, wrinkles, and fine lines. Our skin renews itself and regrows at night time, so it is the best time to apply anti-aging products.

7. Night cream

You should use a night cream before going to bed as it will provide moisture to your skin along with locking in anti-aging products on your face.

8. Don’t forget water

Creams and lotion will never fulfill the internal deficiency of water in your body. Avoid caffeine and alcohol because it may dehydrate your body.

9. Give attention to wrinkles early

You should pay attention to fine lines and wrinkles and don’t ignore them. Buy a good retinol based moisturizer to improve skin cell growth, collagen production and works as anti-aging products.

10. Avoid sugar

Avoid high sugar diets as they can cause inflammation and breakouts. You should consume sugar as per daily body requirement.

11. Eat the variety of foods

Each vegetable and fruit are loaded up with different anti-oxidants compound that fights from free radicals, prevent inflammation and sun damage.

12. Avoid smoking

Smoking decreases the collagen production and its circulation. Smoking results in the yellow and pale skin. It also leads to fine lines and premature aging. If you can’t entirely quit smoking, pay little attention to reducing its quantity.

Most Awaited Anti Aging Cream For The Men’s

Aging is a process that no one can get over with. However, people look forward for some effective ways in which they can reduce the aging process. These days’ men also want to have wrinkle and line free face and for this they can go to any extent and can opt for any expensive treatment. There are many such medical facilities through which you can have wrinkle free face such as Botox injection or plastic surgeries but mind it they are very expensive and painful. So, if you do not want to have such treatments then you can opt for George Clooney anti aging wrinkle cream.

Popularity of the cream

All credit goes to George Clooney that makes other men to follow his path. The cream gained so much popularity that every man wants to own it. George Clooney is a famous Hollywood actor who has done multiple films and the idea for anti aging cream came in his mind when he overheard his wife saying him the wrinkled Grandpa.

After this it seems like he went on a mission and searched the best anti aging cream for men with the help of Dr. OZ. The cream worked so firmly that he started looking 20 years younger. In one of the interviews, the actor also confirmed that he is using “All in one anti aging cream known as Life cell. “ Following are some the features of the cream:

  • It fills all the lines on the face
  • Removes dark circles and makes the under eye area bright
  • It keeps your skin hydrated all day long
  • It can be the alternative of Botox
  • It reduces the appearance of the wrinkles
  • It removes puffiness from the face
  • It lifts and makes your skin firm and plump

Along with the cream, the actor also used Dr OZ treatment which is the combination of vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid. Vitamin C helps in building new collagen while the hyaluronic acid pumps water to the face so that it can heal all the damaged area and make your skin soft.

Tips followed by the actor to make skin look more glowing

  • Exfoliate your face at least twice in a week. For this, you can use any face cleansing or face gel. It will help you in smoothing your face and will reduce all the stress and irritation.
  • Always use an under eye cream as it will make your eyes look more attractive. It will remove dark circles and will make the area bright.
  • Eat less sugar and other related sweetened products like candies, chocolates, sweets, cakes etc. Sugar increases the ratio of fat in your body as a result metabolism also increases.
  • Smooth your skin with the help of retinol because as you start aging collagen breaks so, with the help of retinol new collagen can be produced which will smooth your wrinkles.
  • Always use SPF cream as it will protect your face from ultra violet rays that are harmful for the skin and it also damages your skin. If you want, you can use moisturizers or sunscreen that has SPF in them.